About Us

HLS Solutions was established in 2010 to provide technical solutions for the holiday letting industry.  Since that time we have created a holiday letting management software package, which is now used to manage large numbers of holiday properties across the UK and Europe.  We have also designed and built a number of market leading website solutions for holiday letting agents, which have attracted a huge amount of positive interest.

Whilst developing these solutions we have realised that many people with holiday homes are missing out, as the cost of commissioning a bespoke, professionally built website is far too expensive for all but the largest of holiday letting agents.  This has inspired us to come up with a number of beautiful, professionally designed and built website designs at a price that everybody can afford.

In addition to these websites we can also help with holiday letting software, monthly newsletters, along with many other design services.

Take a look at our Additional Services page to see what we could help you with today.

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